The Golden eagle is, with a span of 2,25 meter one of the largest Eagles of the Northern hemisphere. It has an incredible sight and can spot a rabbit from 2 km up in the air. The feathers are mostly brown wit in the neck a little longer, golden feathers. This is the same for both sexes. The closest location from the Netherlands where to find it, is in Denmakr, where it breeds.

In the Netherlands it is a rare drifter. The last time a Golden eagle stayed in the Netherlands for the winter was in 2012. In 2013 and 2015 a single sighting was accepted of birds in the Flevopolder and in Groningen. I've seen two, unfortunately very high up in the sky in Andalusia, Spain.

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Golden eagle
Family: Accipitridae
Genus: Aquila
Species: Aquila chrysaetos
Dutch name: Steenarend
Common name: Golden eagle
Location: Sierra Nevada, Spain

Remarks: Adult Golden eagle, high up in the sky over the Sierra Nevada, Spain.

Field characteristics.

Dark brown plumage with a licht brown or  ginger back of the head. Adults do have grey tail feathers and primaries with some dark bands and tops. On the upper wing usually runs a light band. Juvenile birds do have large white spots on the underwings and a white rump.






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