Also the Egyptian vulture is an extremely rare drifter which I've never seen in Holland. Also in the Pyrenees I only saw them twice. It is an remarkable small vulture with white coverts and a long pointy head and bill.

Egyptian vultures are omnivores. They have the habit of crushing eggs of for example Ostriches with little rocks. Because they are so small, they must do with the left-overs of a skeleton.

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Egyptian vulture
Family: Accipitridae
Genus: Neophron
Species: Neophron percnopterus
Dutch name: Aasgier
Common name: Egyptian vulture
Location: Spanish pyrenees

Remarks: Egyptian vulture in the Spanish Pyrenees. Have seen one onlye once.

Field characteristics

Egyptian vultures are 54 to 70 cm long and weight 1.6 to 2.4 kg. Their wingspan is 146 to 175 cm.

It is a small Vulture with a characteristical flight silhouet, where the argyle tail is most remarkable. Adult birds are white with black flight feathers. It has a remarkabel small bill and a yellow naked skin around the eyes. Young birds are dark brown and grow lighter with the years until they are all black and white after five years. When they sit, they seem all white because the black remiges are covered with the white coverts.


A high nagging sound





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